The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 87

Written by on 02/08/2023

Wednesdays 8pm EST

The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 87

Wow, here we are on road trip 87 of The Way-Back Music Machine! And they keep getting better and better!!! This week we look at The Rolling Stones and their struggles at the Super Bowl. Maybe frustration is a better word, they did not get satisfaction. Then we will celebrate the birth of Kate McGarrigle. On the same day, members of The Jam have their time in court. Next Blondie go to number one, 20 years after their first and we celebrate Garth Brooks’ birthday. Come mid week, we look at David Bowie filing for divorce from his first wife in 1980, and the following day it is the anniversary of The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. A defining moment in rock and roll history. Here we are at Friday and Roger Daltrey of The Who is awarded an CBE from the Queen and on Saturday The Monkees set a world record. Now we know there are eight days a week, so on the eighth day, we look at what Elvis was doing that day in rock history. All that plus charts and fine music on The Way-Back Music Radio Hour.

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