The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 85

Written by on 01/24/2023

Wednesdays 8pm EST

The Way-Back Music Machine Radio Hour Ep 85 Philadelphia Freedom 

Well, well, well, here we are at road trip number 85 for the Way-Back Music Machine. Starting on Sunday we look at one of the largest selling soundtrack albums of all time, as well as the birth of one of America’s most loved and unusual disc jockeys, Wolfman Jack. On Monday, we talk about Buddy Holly and his last recordings and the birth of the one and only Malcom McLaren. Tuesday is no less exciting, as we talk about the problems when a radio station plays “Stairway To Heaven” for 24 hours. You will want to listen to this story for the fun song we play. Wednesday, we look at the birth of Warren Zevon and the historic moment The Beatles signed with Brian Epstein. Thursday sees the debut of one of the most influential post punk bands, Joy Divison. We also look at the birth of Ewan MacColl. Friday, The Way-Back Music Machine looks at the debut of Pink Floyd without founder Syd Barrett and we end the week with a look at Pete Seeger. Of course, there are eight days a week and we celebrate the first ever song to enter the U.K. singles chart at number one. Spoiler alert, it is by Elvis. All that, plus charts and great conversation and music 

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