The Mike Rogers Show #96

Written by on 03/27/2021

Mike Rogers Show :

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Mike Rogers Show #96 Playlist

Josie Cotton    Johnny Are You Queer                       2:52

Stereo Girl      Angel,Here We Come            3:28

The Questions Koi No Yokan              2:34

Otoboke Beaver          Bakuro Book   2:22

Noodles           My Melody                  3:38

DROPS           Dance with Black Tarantula               2:51

Shonen Knife  Ghost Train                 3:53

Taffy    the Bates                    2:30

Kate Sikora     The Hundreds             3:20

Thee 50’s High Teens End Rond                    2:18

theVERTIGOS            Chatterbox                  2:49

Rock Juice      Dead Flowers             3:49

THE TWEEZERS       T.V.ROMANCE                       3:32

Highmarts       KoiwaMo                     2:46

60′ WHALES   4. Ferris Wheel                       3:19

Su凸ko D凹koi         2 Ban Me Girl              3:14

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite          Dangerous saturday               3:09

WILD CHILLUN          Miles Away                 3:19

BimBamBoom OH! NO!                      3:47

JETTSETT      I Wanna Be Your Girl Friend              2:43

THE LET’S GO’s         too much moon                       4:32

LEARNERS    WHY DO FOOLS FALLIN LOVE                   2:48

Hazy sour cherry        midnight                      2:51

Vivian Boys     S.O.S  2:59

Kelly Muff        デザート・エゴ                      2:33

Sleez Sisters   No Way                       2:17

Titty Twister    – Gimmie Some Noise            2:38

The Pats Pats Girls Talk                     3:06

The Stephanies          Baby, I love you                      2:31

THE TOMBOYS         GLOOMY NiGHT                 3:26

Natsuki            Topaz              4:11

The Pen Friend Club  Boku to Kimi no Melody                      4:05

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