The Mike Rogers Show #119

Written by on 09/04/2021

Mike Rogers Show :

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Mike Rogers Show #119


Poor Little Things        Ball and Chain            2:34

Imperial Broads          Unromantic                 2:46

The Modern Kind        Always Moaning slower – HH             4:37

Yee Loi            rosalie wav                  2:54

La Luz Black Hole Weirdo Shrine                  3:00

Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats      Rocket 88                    2:47

The Courettes The Teens Are Square                       1:54

RinRin The Game                   3:19

Amy Darling    Lip Service                  3:52

Siouxsie and the Skunks        I Wanna Die (Something Good)                     2:26

Danny And The Juniors          At the hop                   2:41

Vial      Planet Drool                2:27

The Routes     Do What’s Right By You                     2:29

Mary Anne’s Polar Rig            03 Crash                     3:28

Pom Pom Squad        07 Crimson + Clover               2:04

Soda Cracker Jesus @ReganSCJ     Kill It Tomorrow                       2:36

Steve Terry Project     Flagship                      5:45

THE LET’S GO’s         ハイボール              2:14

Sloks – Crank it up                  2:44

Lovebites        Special One                2:23

Josie Cotton – Calling All Girls_                      3:50

Kabuki Rocks  O-Edo             5:11

Frank Sinatra  New York, New York              3:26

Paisley Black  The Way I Feel.Mastered                   3:21

Grace Vanderkuhn     Rock N Roll Gary                    4:10

Pom Pom Squad        08 Red With Love                   2:29

Vitamin String Quartet            Rock & Roll All Night              3:36

Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite          Enchanting newretro world                 3:03

Sister Suzie    Are You Gonna (Give Me A Kiss)                  2:45

THE NEATBEATS      HEY LITTLE GIRL                  2:43

Natalie Sweet Video Phone               2:44

SMEH -Notning is forgotten               3:14

Emperor of Ice Cream            Weather Vane             4:03

TRAITRS        Oh, Ballerina               4:27

Love Bites       ミ ミ ミ                  1:53



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