The Mike Rogers Show #11

Written by on 08/10/2019

Mike Rogers Show :
Saturday’s 10pm -12am EST  / 
Sundays 11am-1pm JST

Repeats Monday’s 3am-5am EST / Monday’s 4pm-6pm JST


Mike Rogers has been the top-rated Indie Presenter in Japan for about 35 years. Bringing a whole new perspective to our listeners, he plays many Japanese Indie bands, as well as other great acts from around the world.

ありがとう!感謝!今週は#2位!Twitter ジャパン トップ5は連続92週間連続!後8週間に100回連続!
Thanks everyone! This week #2 on Twitter Japan… #1 for 77 weeks! Top 5 Japan for 92 weeks in a row! In 8 weeks we will hit 100 weeks in a row! #mrskor

THE LET’S GO’s        Heibon Cherry            3:20

The 50 Kaitenz            ハンバーガーヒル       2:42

The Goldhearts           Stars   2:49

The Coolies    01-Uh Oh!       2:07

Ummagma       Rolling 3:06

The Out-Islanders      Ebb Tide         2:15

Hayley & the Crushers          10 Johnny Ramone Mix  3      2:41

Neatbeats       Iced Coffee     2:33

Baby Shakes             Nowhere Fast 2:00

Kill My Coquette         Put Me in Your Movie Quentin Tarantino        2:25

Thunderroads  A01 Last Day  2:49

Noodles           Empty Room   2:54

The Coolies    03-Pathetica    2:28

Alvino Rey & His Orchestra   Blues In The Night      3:05

The Coolies    04-Blueberry Crumble            2:46

The Jansen     The-Jansen-Did-You-Watch-it-All      2:32

Sheepy           Leaf of Mischief           2:18

The Hots         The Hots – Shame The Devil  2:50

The Stephanies          01 Baby, I love you   2:31

The Pats Pats Doughnut Song           3:34

BimBamBoom Bright Up         3:10

The Coolies    05-Glad I Met You       3:34

The Jansen     The-Jansen-Detected 2:28

Kristin Hersh    No Shade In Shadow 3:34

Judy Garland  Over The Rainbow    2:50

The Rolling Stones     She’s a Rainbow        4:11

Bad Mary        Soapbox         2:35

Tommy and the Commies       Suckin’ In Your 20’s     1:42

Spam69          Hang On         2:49

Dollyrots          Naked Daydream        3:17

Justine and The Unclean        Love Got Me Into This Mess  2:46

The Coolies    Ignoramus       2:55

The Cynz       Judge & Witness        2:37


Sunminds        Disconnected  2:23

Parsnip            01 Health         2:32

JAIL GUITAR DOORS          Raise Your Flag           3:51

The Coolies    06-Yeah I Don’t Know 1:30

The Jansen     The-Jansen-Dong      2:27

Prima Donna   Cruel Summer 3:33

Brothers Steve           We Got The Hits         3:39

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