The Menace’s Attic #863

Written by on 08/22/2018

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This Week – Episode #863

“Some Favorites, Some Remasters, Some Implication And The Sum Of All Those Parts!”
Opening Song 
This Year’s Girl (The Deuce Version) – Elvis Costello & Natalie Bergman (Wild Belle)
Set #1 An Answer Song, An Even Dumber One, And A Girl Who Likely Didn’t Inspire Either Of Them Though She Definitely Put Guys World In Spin Cycle
Stupid Girl – The Rolling Stones (London)
Stupid Cupid – Connie Francis (MGM)
Sylvie – Saint Etienne (Creation)
Dizzy – Tommy Roe (ABC)
Set #2 True Story: I Almost Got A Ticket For “Rolling” Instead Of Stopping A Couple Of Times In A Row. It Was My Daughter Kate In The Back Seat, And My Truly Innocent Response To The Officer That Prevented It. Of Course, If He Knew There Was Going To Be A Set About It On The Radio, I Probably Would Have Gone To Jail! 
Signs – Five Man Electrical Band (Polydor)
A Sign Of The Times – Petula Clark (Warner Bros.)
Stop Stop Stop – The Hollies (Imperial)
Turn! Turn! Turn! – The Byrds (Columbia)
Set #3 Jane Definitely Loved You, But As Usual, Love Wasn’t Enough To Keep Her From Going With Her New Main Squeeze, The Guy Who Slade Her With His Muscles And Well, His Version Of Lovin’!
Gudbuy T Jane – Slade (Polydor)
Pulling Mussels From The Shell – Squeeze (A&M)
My Baby Loves Lovin’ – White Plains (Deram)
Set #4 Well, We’re Counting Down To The End Of The Show, And While I Have To Deal With That Face To Face, Diana & Marvin Will Help Me Through It As Only They Can.
10-9-8 – Face To Face (Epic)
My Mistake – Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye (Motown)
Closing Song 
The Horse – Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil L.A. Of Soul)

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