The British are Coming #530

Written by on 06/29/2021

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Wednesdays 8:00am – 10:00am EST Matt plays 20 of the best up-and-coming indie, alternative, and rock artists in the UK, some of which you know, but many more that will be new music discoveries. Matt’s deep knowledge of UK music scene and his ear for a banger make The British are Coming a must-listen on Bombshell Radio. #TheBritishAreComing, #Alternative, #Indie, #Rock, #NewMusic, #BombshellRadio

Matt Dalzell @britdjmat

Fuzzy Sun – Fake It

The Vaccines – Back In Love City

Spangled – Headspace

Khartoum – Took It All Away

Indigo Bay – Easy

Swim School – Anyway

Roleplay – The Pain Will Set Me Free

The Royston Club – Cold Sweats

Desperate Journalist – Everything You Wanted

Emma and the Fragments – Back To Blue

Workfriends – Stunt Doubles

Coral Palms – Drink Too Much

Jekyll – Tear Ourselves In Two

Braxton & Lauren L’aimant – Holding On

Amongst The Pigeons – Bring The Stars Closer (feat. Emma King)

Slaney Bay – Talking About You

Mumble Tide – Breakfast

Carpet – Terror Tear

JJ Lovegrove -I’m Fine

The Gorstey Lea Street Choir – That Chitty Bang Majik

Hussy – Moths



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