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Tonight 6pm EST bombshellradio.com Repeats Saturday 6am EST This Week: Hour 1: An Archival Conversation with courtney barnett and her Musical Sandwich from 2014! Hour 2: New Melodic Rock ‘n Roll from: Peaness, Arcade Fire, Fuller, Jukebox The Ghost, Belle & Sebastian, Deanna Petcoff, the aquadolls, Pkew, Pkew, Pkew, Weird Nightmare and Theodore! This Week […]

Tonight 6pm EST bombshellradio.com For those of you who still haven’t had your Sylvan Esso caffeine, here’s a conversation I had with Amelia and Nick when they opened at The Fillmore a few shows back. HOUR 1: AN ARCHIVAL DTM CONVERSATION WITH SYLVAN ESSO AND THEIR MUSICAL SANDWICH 05/28/1017 THEME SONG: Just Another Menace Sunday […]

Tonight 6pm EST bombshellradio.com This Week – Episode #565 A CONVERSATION WITH COURTNEY BARNETT (10/26/2014) Theme Song Just Another Menace Sunday Theme (Dennis The Menace) – Mighty Six Ninety Hour 1 A CONVERSATION WITH COURTNEY BARNETT Just Another Menace Sunday Theme – Mighty 690 OPENING SONG: Avant Gardener – Courtney Barnett COURTNEY BARNETT MUSICAL SANDWICH […]

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