Stereo Embers The Podcast:The Amazing Kreskin!

Written by on 12/07/2022

“The Amazing Kreskin Drops By The Program”

And we hope he does again! The Amazing Kreskin stops by
for a chat with Alex and they talk about why psychiatrists are crazy,
the prescience of the Manchurian Candidate and the power of
suggestion. And nobody knows about the power of suggestion more
than Kreskin. He’s not a magician, an occultist or a psychic who’s
equipped with powers of telepathy, precognition, or mind control.
But he is a mentalist and a mentalist is someone who, through the
power of suggestion, can make you think he can do all the things
we just told you he can’t. But what they do better than anyone else
is invoke belief and Kreskin’s been doing that since the ‘50s. An
entertaining and focused chat, Alex and Kreskin also talk about
Bob Hope, Winston Churchill, Hitler and Jaws. And how does the
episode close? With Queen’s “A Kind Of Magic,” of course….



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