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Written by on 07/29/2021

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“Swinging On The Moon”

Steve Kilbey can swing from anywhere he wants in the universe; the moon, the stars, whichever planet he chooses. And yes, of course, he can also swing from the milky way. Because the fact of the matter is that Steve Kilbey is a musician whose talents are not only downright otherworldly, they’re positively celestial. A poet, a painter, a singer, a writer, a partner and a dad, Kilbey is not only one of the most fascinating musicians to ever walk around on this planet, he’s also one of the most productive. In addition to the 25 albums he’s recorded with the Church, he’s got almost twenty solo albums under his belt, along with numerous side projects with members of Game Theory, The Go-Betweens, All India Radio and Remy Zero. Kilbey’s new double album The Hall of Counterfeits is a straight up stunner that’s as raw as it is ravishing. In this chat he talks to Alex about the pressures of
recording for a major label, why he’s writing songs on acoustic guitar now and how heroin addiction ended up being a chapter in his life rather than a book. He also talks about his friendship with Grant McLennan, his penchant for being competitive and his favorite album by The Triffids….
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