Stereo Embers The Podcast: Robin Wilson (The Gin Blossoms)

Written by on 03/26/2021

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“Robin Wilson Doesn’t Want To Watch YouTube”

Well, to be more specific, Robin Wilson doesn’t want to watch a YouTube channel of some guy with a guitar singing covers. In this conversation, the Gin Blossoms singer tells Alex that he may not be into that, but he’s into a lot of other stuff. For example, the home studio he built with his son, sailing on his boat and the Gin Blossoms themselves. Together since 1989, the Arizona band are arguably more prolific than ever and they’ve never sounded better. Juggling duties fronting the legendary Tempe outfit and singing for The Smithereens, Wilson’s a busy guy these days. In this conversation he talks about his love of The Smiths and Johnny Marr, why he hates waiting for the check after a meal and the legacy of The Gin Blossoms. He also talks about the stability of the band’s lineup, the brotherhood of the Tempe scene and what bands he’s turned his son onto.

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