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Written by on 03/26/2020

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“Why Would You Stop What Your Mission Is On This Earth?”

Well, the answer is, you wouldn’t. Or, more specifically, you shouldn’t.For the New York-born Rachel Sage, the details of her earthy mission came to her quite young as she taught herself how to play piano while listening to Beatles albums. Sage knew she was destined for the arts and her CV certainly agrees. She spent her teenage years as a classically trained ballerina, her college years at Stanford found her finishing with a degree in drama and her Graduate work earned her an MFA in theatre from the Actor’s Studio in Manhattan. Yes, Sage was artsy. But once her formal education ended, she dove headfirst into music. For the better part of 25 yearsSage has been putting out album after album of some of the finest indie pop you’ll ever hear.Her new album Character explores what comprises the nuances of someone’s personality and it’s a catchy, moving and stirring journey through what keeps us up at night as much as what helps us sleep. In this candid chat, Sage talks to Alex about recording the new album, her recovery from cancer and the complexities of persona. 

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