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Written by on 03/28/2019

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Alex Green #Interview w/ Michael McDermott

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Michael McDermott Was An Investigative Reporter Of The Darkness”
Whether he was hanging out with Samoan gun runners or locked up in Cook County Jail in Chicago, when Michael McDermott was at his wildesthe thought of himself as a kind of investigative journalist doing researchon the dark roads that addiction can take a soul down. But McDermott grewweary of those roads and taking notes about the night and after gettingmarried and having a daughter, he decided to get clean. In this interviewthe singer/songwriter talks to Alex about his experiences with unflinchingtruth, humor and circumspect philosophy. He chats about how he managed tobe prolific during the throes of addiction, what it was like to get a huge recordcontract at 21 and receiving a seven page letter from Stephen King. He also talksabout being married to a musician, how he takes criticism, and how he handlesscreen time for his daughter. Michael McDermott’s new album Orphans is out now.

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