Stereo Embers The Podcast: Matt Keating (Bastards Of Fine Arts, Circle Sky)

Written by on 08/03/2022

“A Good Sign”

Whenever Matt Keating puts out a new record, we get excited. Since the early ’90s the New York-based singer-songwriter has been releasing some of the most captivating, moving and powerful albums we’ve ever heard. With close to 15 solo albums under his belt, it’s hard to pick favorites because they’re all so good. From Tell It To Yourself to Tilt A Whirl to Wrong Way Home to Summer Tonight, you can pretty much
just grab a Matt Keating album and prepare to swoon. It’s hard to think of anyone who writes with such lyrical poignancy, observational smarts
and melodic finesse than Mr. Keating and he’s been a personal favorite for close to 30 years. His new band is called Bastards Of Fine Arts and it’s a project he’s helming with Steve Mayone who’s played with the Benders and Treat her Right. Their new album A Good Sign is an instant classic. The Hardest Part brings to mind the Jayhawks, the rollicking Can’t Get My Head Around It reminds us a bit of the Replacements and the Violent Femmes and Take The Fall is one of those infectious numbers you can’t get our of your head. The 14 song collection is a joyous and jangly blast of hook-laden indie pop, and we love it.

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