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Written by on 03/28/2019

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Alex Green #Interview w/ Marty Willson-Piper (Noctorum, The Church, All About Eve

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“Marty Willson Piper Thinks Fleetwood Mac’s Heads Are In The Wrong Place”
Marty Willson Piper doesn’t understand why musicians as talented as those in Fleetwood Mac haven’t put out new music in ages. “How can they not be doing whatever they want based on their history and their skills?” he wonders. The former Church guitarist is befuddled that Fleetwood Mac would opt for Playing “Say You Love Me” for the eight billionth time instead of making new music. “Give us a record of good songs,” he says. “You know you can do it…It’s just a case of business ruling the art.” In this entertaining, hilarious and discursive chat, Willson-Piper talks to Alex about how he envisions the concert experience, the Pledge Music debacle and the imagination behind superstition. He also tells Alex he’s mystified by Maroon 5’s success, why criticism shouldn’t be taken personally and why he buys every album U2 puts out. Noctorum’s new album The Afterlife is nothing short of stunning. A stirring song cycle that’s awash in mystery, jangling pop gems and swirling psychedelia, the album is further proof that Willson-Piper just keeps getting better and better.

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