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Written by on 09/28/2022

“Talking Walls”

Lilly Winwood grew up in the English Coutnryside, a locale that was lush, expansive and quiet. The hum and groove of a big city was calling, so at 18 she left home for a little more social and artistic volume. After a few stops in a few years she ended up in Nashville, which was not only a comfortable place—her mom was from Tennessee and she visited regularly as a kid—it was a place filled with like-minded artists. Lilly Winwood has been on a creative tear—her debut Time Well Spent was assured and filled with promise and her follow up Talking Walls is a massive leap forward. Shimmering with wisdom and maturity, Talking Walls is filed with equal parts strength and maturity. Bringing to mind Kasey Chambers or Patty Griffin, Talking Walls isn’t afraid to confront the big questions and the results are massively satisfying. A rollicking, melodic and decidedly memorable set, Talking Walls is a refreshing blast of roots rock thats as fresh as it is timeless. Lilly Winwood has done a lot already in her career—she sang back up for her dad Steve Winwood and even opened for him on occasion. She’s also toured with Jackie Greene and Todd Snider and was on the bill for the All Star Neil Young Tribute show. With a voice thats imbued with power and life, Winwoods’ delivery is breezy and ageless and her songs remind us that life can put you through it but the good stuff is waiting on the other side.

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