Stereo Embers The Podcast: Laces (Charlotte Sometimes, “The Voice”)

Written by on 07/04/2019

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“Laces Says The Days Of White Men Shutting People Up Are Over”

In this frank and unflinching interview Laces talks to Alex about her past as a young artist on a major label when she worked under the moniker Charlotte Sometimes. A truly exciting time, for sure, but she opens up about the dark side of the experience and the abuse she incurred in the most forthright of terms. The good news is that Laces is a survivor and not only has she shed the Charlotte Sometimes sobriquet, she’s rechristened herself as Laces and stormed back with some of the most powerful and soul-stirring music you’ll ever hear. Laces talks to Alex about vocal injuries, playing the Warped Tour and why working in advertising didn’t work for her. She also opens up about not feeling supported during a particularly harrowing time, why boundaries are important and why she’s never recorded under her actual name…..

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