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Written by on 01/30/2020

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“Oh My God, This Is Over”

That’s the exact thought KC Clifford had one night a few years ago as she put her kids to bed.She was referring to her career as a singer/songwriter, which had taken a backseat to motherhood.Not that Clifford was complaining—for years she had struggled with infertility and thanks to aninfertility study and IVF, Clifford became the mother of two and she couldn’t have been happier.But her identity as an artist was something that was as essential to her soul as being a parentand Clifford was worried that having not nourished it for almost eight years, she didn’t know whoshe was anymore. But then she started to write in little bursts and then bigger bursts, and suddenlyshe had a record. In this conversation, Clifford talks about artistic doubt, motherhood andfinding a new voice for her music. She also talks about being a woman in the music industry,coming to terms with being in front of millions of gazes and her take on Lizzo.

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