Stereo Embers The Podcast: Alistair Gale and Graeme Dinning (The Battles Of Winter)

Written by on 10/12/2022

“Blackout For The Bloodsuckers”

There’s something that’s always churning behind the sound of The Battles Of Winter. The London band’s music is powered by a steady and dark engine which hums along like a wicked propellor, conjuring a geometric dream city filled with square avenues, rectangular boulevards and angular streets that tilt and bend and twist, but never break.
The sidewalks may lift and fall, but the inhabitants of this box-like world continue on, marching mysteriously along through the darkness in black suits and black hats with matching black hearts and blank expressions that suggest a menace that’s a decimal away from detonation. And at the edge of this city, pirate ships ease in and out of the hexagon shaped harbor with uncertain purpose and the suggestion of treachery.
The Battles Of Winter’s songs have the post-punk sting of Wire, the groove of Gang of Four and the melodic delivery of everyone from Editors to Interpol. They’re a little bit of an elusive outfit—part of the tis due to the impracticality of being in a band and having a family and a job—but whenever their sail surfaces on the harbor, it surfaces
with lashing exactitude and palpable mystery. They’ve surfaced for this conversation, so let’s get to it….

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