Stereo Embers The Podcast: A Boy In Cords

Written by on 08/31/2022

“Stupid Like That”

Before A Boy In Cords was a Boy In Cords, he was a boy in…Trousers. That’s right. When I first met the Irish-born singer songwriter, he was
crushing it in the indie clubs in the Bay Area with his band Trousers. What did they sound like? they were punchy, jangly land pretty much perfect—with kind of an Aztec Camera vibe. After Trousers folded, many years went by. A Boy In Cords headed back to Ireland eventually, got married and started a family. But something happened and that something is something i’ll let him tell you, but before we get to the chat, I’ll tell you this. The Aztec Camera vibe has matured into more of Prefab Sprout groove and the songs of A Boy in Cords are startlingly lovely pop wonders that are lush, rich and deeply textured. The songs he’s got in his satchel are brilliant and they’ll only yield more and more and more. And we’ll all be luckier for it.

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