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Written by on 11/03/2022

Thursdays 10pm EST
Come on Down to FUTURE SOUNDS
Future Sounds is what happens when you combine a Twitter celebrity with the oldest vinyl collector we’ve ever seen!
Enzo Van Baelean is one half of TimeSlave Recordings.; one half of My Pet Flamingo, one half of TimeShare 94, one third of 3peacesweetz and the driving Force behind: Nobody Here
Patrick Fakeman has four cats
In ALL SERIOUSNESS, Super eclectic show as we showcase the artists that will be playing at Future Sounds: Double Vision November 12th. A delightful electronic picnic of vaporwave, future funk and synthwave
Plus a super tight future funk jam from Fakeman in Hour 1 and a serving of the underground sound from Enzo in Hour 2.
Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted
Music from: IVERSEN, Donor Lens, #PizzaHotline, #ev.exi, 猫 シ Corp., ED., AWITW, Remlarr, Shinichiro Yokota, Yann Dulché, Strawberry Station, Phonk D, Discoholic & many more
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