Space Jams 13.2: Tupperwave (Vaporwave/ Slushwave) πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Written by on 2022-09-01

Thursdays 10pm EST
I get messages from the stars, when you’re making love to me
A recommended dose of vaporwave chillwave for Marxists,’ ‘post-elevator music, corporate smooth jazz & Windows 95 pop,
A selection of tunes from Tupperwave, expect some vapor faves and vapor raves
Featuring music from Donor Lens, οΌ²ο½•ο½Žο½Žο½…ο½’ο½“ οΌ£ο½Œο½•ο½‚ οΌ™οΌ•, Luxury Elite, Daydream Deluxe, Panic Pop, DataGirl, Windows96, VECTOR GRAPHICS, Zane Alexander, Deaton Chris Anthony, Washed Out, PERSONA LA AVE, Shiruetto & many more



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