Space Jams 10.7 Smitech Wesson radio edit (low res)

Written by on 10/28/2021

Bombshell Radio: Tonight 10pm-12am EST
Space Jams 10.7 Smitech Wesson radio edit (low res).mp3Brace yourselves for a MONSTER of a synthwave show on this frightful halloween!
We grabbed EDM Extrodinare Smitech Wesson, who is fresh on the synthwave scene with his debut EP “Azra & Leyra”. He only went and provided a 2 hour mix for us!
If that’s not enough?! How about early first plays from: Phaserland, Strike Eagle & Arctic Mega Defender, Beckett and Masked?
Still not enough??!!! This week is also featuring tracks from Dan Terminus, DEADLIFE, Aeronexus, Dark Smoke Signal, LEBROCK, WOLF CLUB, FHE, Gryff, Yota, Contre-Attaque, Vincenzo Salvia, Cat Temper, Carpenter Brut, Moonrunner83, Memorex Memories, Dj Keltech, Thought Beings, Absolute Valentine, ORAX, FM-84, Tokyo Rose & so much more!
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