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Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 10am-2pm EST Artefaktor Radio we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico.Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy!

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Tyton Project – Outsiders 
Mitch Hunt – Final Road 
Apoptygma Berzerk – Deep Red (Vile Electrodes Remix) 
ABBA – Hovas Vittne (Matt Pop Mix) 
The Gorstey Lea Street Choir – Somedays 
Empathy Test – Just Got Home 
Man Without Country – Forever Endeavour 
Rosemary Fairweather – Heavenly 
Unknown Land – Kingdom 
The Janitor – Better With You (feat Roxi Drive) 
Cigarettes After Sex – Heavenly 
Jon Reve – Root 
HEGstraction – Hard Sunset 
Ladytron – Far From Home (Wetworks Remix) 
Skinny Local – Freeway 
SAINT PEPSI – The Party Line 
Discoscuro – Moony Tunes 
Into the Blood – Stay Forever 
Subha – Blue Storm 
VALIS – Sunrise 
Iris – Take The Pain (Mesh Mix) 
Synthetic-Machine – Mothership 
Am Tierpark – So Many Faces 
Vile Electrodes – Deep Red (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix) 
Psy’ Aviah – Searching ft. Mari Kattman (J Wolf’s extented club mix) 
Anna Luisa – Maintenance In Loving (feat. Ana Roxanne) (The Creatrix Acid Meadow Remix) 
Ociffer – The Fix 
Frederik Wiesener – Gaya 
Null Factor – Tin Omen 
Pirate Copy – Just A Beat (Extended Mix) 
Deutsche Bank – Cüber Mensch (Sector One Remix) 
Jonteknik – Continental Drift 
blueonsilver-Vinlandia 3 
Tactile Frequency – You Move Me 
Dlaivison – Aeon 
Chain Complex – Love Will Rise 
Black Nail Cabaret – Rent – Pet Shop Boys cover 
Parralox – Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix) 
DJShadowkat – S O N A R (Glowing Tuna Mix) 1 
Part Time – Everyone’s Got a Gun 
Telemarkk – Lucid Dreams 
Leg Puppy – Black Tears (Dicepeople Remix) 
Rapport – In The Dark 
Transdutor – The Natural Animal (Future Jungle Mix) 
NIghtmares and Neon – Out Run Vigilante 
Husbands – Mexico

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