SNEAK PEEK July 30 2019

Written by on 07/30/2019

Today’s Bombshell (Bombshell Radio) 11am-2pm EST Artefaktor Radio we have teamed up with this fantastic radio station from Mexico.Throughout the week we present various shows from their lineup, and archive some of the shows for your listening pleasure.We hope you enjoy!

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THIS WEEK: 41 tracks 
LooneyJetman – The Island (2019 remix) 
MUNYA – Dove 
Rosemary Fairweather – Where Birds Fly 
BIG DATA – Give Me Life 
Luke Million – Heard it On The Radio ft. Asta 
Kelly Jay Roberts – Through The Void 
Гласность – Тело 
Trevor Something – All Messed Up 
Augustine – In the Mountains – [ZERO CALL Mix] 
Eli Raybon – Computer, Don’t Kill Me 
IRIS – Silent 
NeonLab – Neon Dreams 
Body Of Light – Time To Kill 
VVV – Living Above Your Head 
Planet Neil – Photograph 
Mordisco – Zenit (Shorter) 
Synesthete – Natural Progression 
Shiny Darkness – Step Aside 
Missing Words – Break These Chains 
Ghostfeeder – Shadow 
Asiiva – Sun Goes Down 
***WORLD PREMIERE: Unknown Land – Cathedral *** 
#SapphiraVee – Find Me (Infunkstrial Mix) 
Apparat – Caronte (Radio Slave Core Vocal Remix) 
Billie Eilish – Bad Guy (Elio Foglia boot remix) 
Supercraft – All You’ll Ever Be (People Theatre remix) 
Ace Buchannon – Mizukage Prototype 
DJSHADOWKAT – We Are The Artefaktor (Teleporter Mix) 
Am Tierpark – Dont Tell Me 
Redscape – Coolwave 
Night Vision – Set Me Free (Omegagon Remix) 
Rroyce – Too Little (Rotoskop’s Dancer Mix) 
Equavox featuring Bex – If I Could Dance 
Thomas P. Heckmann – Space Trax 
Mechanical Cabaret – Allow It 
Reflection – I’mGonnaDie(RobDustRemix) 
Synthax Xtructure – Under Sky 
Carlo Onda – Geister (Night Haze Remix) 
Seven Seers – Girl In Black 
HAPAX – Truth Or Lie 
Humachine – GROUNDED
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