Rodney Cromwell Presents – Post Truth Pop Party – ONE 12/31/2016

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We are very pleased to bring to you a special broadcast from an artist we have huge respect for Rodney Cromwell. We’ve featured a number of songs from Rodney’s own music catalogue on Bombshell Radio. Tonight Rodney hosts his favourites of 2016. I first read these selections on his Facebook and Spotify feeds and contacted Rodney and asked if he was open to hosting these tracks as an audio presentation for our station. To our amazement not only did he accept our offer he also DJ’d the songs spending some valuable Christmas time to put together this great mix. After listening to part one of this two part compilation I’m pumped to hear the follow up next week. So plug in, kick off your synthpop boots and fire up your portable Casios , together we can bask in Rodney’s electronic glow. This is Rodney Cromwell Presents – Post Truth Pop Party .

I hope you enjoy! ( I know I will)

presented by Rodney Cromwell himself. Tune in (Saturday) to hear it. It will also be repeated Sun,
Tuesday and Thursday with part two on Jan 7th.
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Rodney Cromwell’s Post Truth Pop Party 2016 – ONE

1 Sphynx – La Femme
2 Tree House – Husky Rescue
3 Believe In Love – Train To Spain
4 Lonely Like – We are Computer Magic
5 Fly By Light – Vieon
6 The Dictator Decides – Pet Shop Boys
7 Old Skool – Metronomy
8 One Way Glass – Innerspace Orchestra
9 Play with Lies – Cult Club
10 Eat Shiitake Mushrooms – Let’s Eat Grandma
11 (Nairobi) Too Hot – Owiny Sigoma Band
12 Two Hearts – NZCA Lines
13 Gas and Air – TVAM
14 Dopamine – DIIV
15 Hypatia – Wray
16 Robber – Princess Century
17 Dépassée par le fantasme – Essaie Pas
18 Diagram Girl – Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
19 It Goes Away – Actors
20 The Conservation of Energy – Vanishing Twin
21 Affenfaust – Camera
22 Franmaster Glash – Hologram Teen
23 Acre (Cavern of Anti-Matter Remix) – The Leaf Library
24 I Don’t Know – Ulrika Spacek
25 Ra – Cosines
26 Numbnuts Hymn – Delroy Edwards

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