Pulsebeat 295

Written by on 01/30/2023

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Pulsebeat a new release based punk, alt. whatever show out of Abingdon, Oxfordshire broadcasting Mondays 3pm EST bombshellradio.com

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Pulsebeat #295
1The Black Angels –Icon
2Fucked Up –Found
3Eel Men –Archetype
4Sleaford Mods –UK Grim
5The Darts –Intersex
6El Senor’ Que Te Molesta –Mel Gibson
7Jeff Dahl –Manahampeetah
8Viagra Boys ft. Jason Williamson –Big Boy
9The Byrds –I See You
10Wingmen –Mary Go Round
11Mark Murphy and The Meds –Bees and Honey
12Naked Raygun –Where You Live
13Meryl Streek –Full Of Grace
14The Men –God Bless The USA
15Forty Feet Tall –Sleepwalking
16Billy Nomates –Spite
17Man Or Astroman? –Distant Pulsar
18Johnny Powers –Honey, Let’s Go (to a rock and roll show)

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