Pulsebeat 278

Written by on 10/03/2022

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Pulsebeat a new release based punk, alt. whatever show out of Abingdon, Oxfordshire broadcasting Mondays 3pm EST bombshellradio.com

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Pulsebeat 278  
1UK Subs –Hoist the Sail
2Suzi Moon –Believe In Luv
3The Godfathers –I Hate The 21st Century
Ron Gallo –Entitled Man
5Rose Of Victory –Falling Apart (ft. Damien Abrahams)
6Gogol Bordello –Huckleberry Generation
7Cuir –Roi Des Gouges
8Inca Babies –Mine Of Bones
9Girls In Synthesis –My Husband
10Julia, Julia –No Hard Feelings
11Horace Andy –Hell and Back
12Samiam –Lights Out Little Hustler
13Soulside –Runner
14Zeke –Chiva Knievel
15Split System –Ringing In My Head
16Otoboke Beaver –Chu Chu Song
17Black Nite Crash –The Take
18Styrene Money –Everything Near Me
19Ruts DC –Counterculture
20More Kicks –Colour Me Stupified

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