Pulsebeat 221

Written by on 08/29/2021

Pulsebeat a new release based punk, alt. whatever show out of Abingdon, Oxfordshire broadcasting Mondays 3pm EST bombshellradio.com

#Punk #PowerPop #AltRock

Pulsebeat 221
1Idles –Reigns
2Born Shit Stirrers –This Machine Kills Cockblockers
3Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers –Tremblin’
4Infamous Stiffs –Pusherman
5The Specials –Freedom Highway
6The Pioneers –Jackpot
7Shock –Topsy
8Krav Boca –Fumigene
9In Evil Hour –Explain Things To Me
10Eel Men –Are You There God It’s Me
11The Accidents –Blood Spattered With Guitars
12Naked Raygun –Treat Me Unkind
13Witch Fever –In The Resurrect
14Axe Rash –Buy Your Way Out
15Deathtraps –Broken Halos
16Ledzepvietcong –Island Hopping
17Headshrinkers –Caught Between Two Stools
18Debt Neglector –Dirty Water
19Bambies –Running Through The Night
20Modern Cynics –Oversimplification
21The Everly Brothers –Bird Dog

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