Nigel Thomas Presents – Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard 01/14/2017

Written by on 01/14/2017

Moving into 2017 we have invited a few choice Artists and DJs to do some special shows for Bombshell Radio. Also the new home of our Timewarp Series. We rang in the New Year with two amazing Best of 2016 shows from Rodney Cromwell, Happy Robots Records. This weeks guest DJ is Nigel Thomas. We’ve been fans of Nigel since the first day we discovered his music via Elegant Savages. Nigel graced our Bombshell Radio Top 100 of 2016. Nigel has put together a great mix for us. This is Nigel Thomas Presents Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard.
I hope you enjoy!
Nigel Thomas and Bombshell Radio Present
Your Favourite Songs You’ve Never Heard
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
11:00AM-1:00PM GMT and 11:00PM-1:00AM GMT 24-7 Radio
Also available on ITunes and Stitcher
Your soon to be favourite songs from acts including Ben Folds, Cracker, Yeti, David Bowie, Darling BOY, Bill Withers, Dirty Mac, CCR, Buffalo Springfield, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Asylums, Smog, Van Morrison, Jon Bretman, Gomez, The Beatles, Ian Thomas, The Kinks, Emiliana Torrini, George Harrison, Doug Alldred & The Silver Lining, The Outfield, Blur, Beck, Hampton Hawes, The Phly Boyz, The Band and The Foxes.

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