Lynchland #3

Written by on 05/29/2018

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Our new mix begins with what is probably one of the most peaceful Suicide songs ever recorded, but don’t let that fool you: there is darkness at every turn, from the menacing ambience of David Toop’s “Black Chamber” to the abrasiveness of Minimal Man’s “I Wish”. Our second track, Julee Cruise’s “Summer Kisses, Winter Tears”, sounds very lynchian as well, but was actually recorded for the soundtrack of Wim Wenders’s “Until the End of the World”. Let’s also mention the unheralded pop gem that is “(That’s How You’ll Know) When You’re in Love” by Mickey Lee Lanen, the peculiar gothic synthpop of Australian duo White Ex and the haunted but catchy post-punk number of multi-instrumentist Luis Vasquez, aka The Soft Moon. The Residents close this mix with “True Love”, a sublime piece of dark opera inspired by E. T. A. Hoffmann’s “The Sandman”.

01 Suicide – Surrender
02 Julee Cruise – Summer Kisses, Winter Tears
03 The Soft Moon – Breathe the Fire
04 Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes – Yellow Bird
05 Trigg & Gusset – Last Known Spy
06 White Hex – In the Night
07 Jonny Greenwood – Splitter
08 HTRK – Rentboy
09 Transmissionary Six – Hollis & Applegate
10 Mushy – Burn Me
11 Mickey Lee Lane – (That’s How You’ll Know) When You’re in Love
12 David Toop – Black Chamber
13 Minimal Man – I Wish
14 Nicolas Jaar – Balance Her in Between Your Eyes
15 The Residents – True Love

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