Keeley’s Blissed-Out Bangers Episode 33 Feb 18

Written by on 02/18/2023

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Episode 33:
1. Cocteau Twins – ‘Cherry-Coloured Funk’
2. Blur – ‘Pressure On Julian’
3. Melody’s Echo Chamber – ‘Where the Water Clears the Illusion’
4. The People Versus – ‘Lonely Teen’
5. Ride – ‘Drive Blind’
6. Paytron Saint – ‘Boats’
7. The Dandy Warhols – ‘Minnesoter’
8. The Orielles – ‘Space Samba’
9. Ali MacQueen – ‘Lost in the Middle’
10. The Cure – ‘Happy the Man’
11. KEELEY – ‘Totally Entranced’
12. The Velvet Underground – ‘Cool It Down’
13. The Charlatans – ‘Just Lookin’
14. Birrell or Biscuit – ‘Shame’
15. Hole – ‘Asking For It’
16. Hurricane#1 – ‘Autopilot Man’
17. James – ‘Born of Frustration’
Keeley Moss, frontwoman of rising Irish dreampop band KEELEY, brings her fantastic “Keeley‘s Blissed-Out Bangers” to the Bombshell Radio airwaves with her weekly show. If you’re a fan of Indie classics, eclectic 80’s/90’s Indie-Rock and Dreampop then this is the show for you!
Recorded in her Dublin studios with skilled Irish producer Alan Maguire, “Keeley‘s Blissed-Out Bangers” is broadcast every Wednesday at 2pm and every Saturday at 1pm EST.
2022 has been a transformative year for Keeley Moss and her band KEELEY. The critically acclaimed Dublin native was granted “Hot For 2022” status in February by Hot Press magazine in Ireland, and since then she has signed a global publishing deal with Schubert Music, played rapturous shows in Dublin and Cork, launched her own show “Keeley’s Blissed-Out Bangers”

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