Just Another Menace Sunday #994 w/ Dwight Twilley and Evan Dando (The Lemonheads)

Written by on 03/24/2023

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“Just Another Menace Sunday” radio thing. This Week: Hour 1 & Hour 2: A Conversation w/ Dwight Twilley and Evan Dando and their Musical Sandwich! Hour
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This Week’s Interview:
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Hour 1

This Week’s Interview (03/19/2006):
Dwight Twilley

Dwight: The thing that I noticed that changed was that it wasn’t the guy throwing the contract at you saying “Go see the lawyer”. The lawyer became the guy at the record company. What’s happened today is that they’ve combined the record companies with radio, they work together to destroy themselves.

Hour 2

This Week’s Interview (07/01/2003):
Evan Dando

The Menace’s Attic was the very first to play “Baby, I’m Bored” the former Lemonhead’s new album in San Francisco. So when Dennis was offered an interview with Mr. Dando he immediately said “yes.” That was before Evan went on tour, and the reviews talked about him talking incoherently between sets (he is recently out of rehab after a seven year relationship with, as he puts it, “every drink and every drug except PCP.”) And before he did an interview with a prominent NY D.J. that well, let’s just say it was, uh truly yucky. But Dennis persevered and as it turns out he and Evan had a grand old time in the back of the tour bus- that was after Evan tested him on musical knowledge and gave an initial answer that was something like “where the f-ck else would you keep a skateboard?” Funny, in the picture it’s Dennis who looks stoned (actually we think the anticipation tired him out.)

Evan: The world is an illusion, get unhinged, go get as fucked up as possible and crash a car in to a tree and I don’t care. Or do something really great, I’m just sticking around to see what happens.

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