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Written by on 08/27/2017

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Jazzamatazz – Retro Dj mixes of many groovy styles of music
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Chic Boutique: An eclectic quirky, easy listening,jazzy,rocky,lounge fusion for a soundtrack of musical moodswings.26 tracks.
Part of the Kaleidoscope series, a genre juggling journey into groovy sound. Lots more@ https://www.mixcloud.com/JAZZAMATAZZ/playlists/kaleidoscope/

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1 Pygar’s Persecution/The Black Queen’s Beads Bob Crewe
2 Bus Spectacle Neil Richardson
3 Paris Colonade Bongolian
4 Blue Note Alan Hawkshaw
5 Soul Guitar Gert Wilden And Orchestra
6 Una Sull’ Altra Riz Ortolani
7 Chic Boutique Alan Hawkshaw
8 Daft As a Brush George French/Elliot Ireland/Alessandro Rizzo
9 Reggae Train Dennis Bovell & William Farley
10 Doucement La Basse Guy Pedersen
11 Love Pop HervÈ Roy
12 Milano Trema, La Polizia Vuole Giustizia Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
13 Summer Setting Keith Mansfield
14 Yesterday’s Laughter, Today’s Tears Mark Wirtz
15 From Larry With Love Larry Page Orchestra
16 Storyboard David Lindup
17 Buzby’s Band George Fenton & Ken Freeman
18 Le Dernier Homme Sur Terre Big Boss Man
19 A Doppia Faccia [From a Doppia Faccia] Nora Orlandi
20 Lazy Evening Blues Alan Hawkshaw/Alan Parker
21 Clean Air Keith Mansfield
22 Steam Heat Barbara Moore
23 Sunday Night Mark Wirtz
24 Prelude And Groove Part 2, Brian Bennett –
25 The Knack Alan Haven
26 Tear Drop Santo & Johnny

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