Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #472

Written by on 2022-10-24

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Big Boss Man – Beat Breakfast (Full English Beat Breakfast LP)

Stupidity (Featuring Keith Strang) – We Don’t (Waking Up The Band LP)

Day Dreems – Brain Drain (Early Releases LP)

The Lilys – A Nanny In Manhattan (Single)

Drool Brothers – Attaboy Luther (Single)

The Liquorice Experiment – Novice Pretender (Single)

The Short Fuses – Living Dead (Single) 

Foxywombat – Just Fine (Single)

The Shrugs – Charlie Brown (Single)

Vista Blue – I Don’t Want To Spend The Summer With You (No Cliques, No Trends EP)

The Glad Machine – San Francisco (Hey! LP)

Nick Piunti – 13 In My Head (13 In My Head LP)

The Jags – Silver Birds (No Tie Like The Present LP) 

Gloria Jones – Tainted Love (Single)

The Ramalamas – Sweet Tooth (La Cape Noir LP) 

Chris Lund – Military Girl (Indian Summer LP)

The Click Beetles – Dear Liza Jane (Emerald Green LP)

The Stoplight Roses – The Getaway (Here Now And Why LP)

The Doves – Last Song (Single)

The Beatersband – Nightmare On Elm Street (Single)

The Turtles – Chevrolet Camaro Commercial




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