Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #236

Written by on 04/03/2018

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Episode Notes
Hal – Play The Hits (Single)
The Stands – Here She Comes Again (All Years Leaving LP)
KIng Mastino – Medusa (Medusa LP)
Dany Laj and The Looks – Left Right To One (Single)
Tommy Sistak – She Just Won’t Go Away (Ready Set A Go Go LP)
Other Half – Girl With The Long Black Hair (The Essential Pebbles Collection LP)
The Scrubs – Children Insane (Skulls and Dolls LP)
Vista Blue – Run, Run, Run (End Of Season LP)
Andy Ketch – Oh Summer (Single)
The Mighty Lemon Drops – My Biggest Thrill (Single)
Kurt Baker Combo – So Lonely (Single)
Nick Frater – Remoaner (Song For Europe) (Goodbye Kayfabe LP)
Sundown Delay – You’re In Love With Yesterday (Awaiting The Death Of Rock ‘N’ Roll LP)
Supergrass – Alright (Single)
Hell Cat – Countless Miles (Single)
Royal Air Force – Want Me To Work (Single)
The Unswept – He’d Be A Diamond (Single)
Tommy And The Rockets – Little Honda (Let’s Have Fun In the Summer Sun EP)
Teenage Frames – Still Pissed (Still Pissed LP)
Varetta And The Thomases – Fly By Night (Single)

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