Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #223 Best of 2017 Part One

Written by on 01/01/2017

Next weeks show, 2017 Best of Part 1

Duncan Reid & The Big Heads – Bombs Away (Bombs Away LP)
The Smart Folk – Do You Know What The Smart People Know (A Sunny Afternoon At The Zoo LP)
La Panther Happens – My Haunted Life (For The Night Crawlers LP)
Lenya – Song To The Other Girl (The Hatch LP)
Ivory Williams – Sweet Companion (Single)
Gareth Rhys – Don’t Walk Away From Me (Single)
Tommy And The Rockets – HeyDaisy (Rock ‘N’ Roll Wrecking Machine EP)
Colin’s Godson – (Love In The Time Of Colin’s Godson EP)
The Stanleys – What Are We Gonna Do (The Stanleys LP)
Ian Person – Great Divide (Exit Highway Of Light LP)
Ed Ryan – Rocket Ship (Furious Mind LP)
Gunboat Diplomats – She Said (Fine State Of Affairs LP)
Caper Clowns – Pockets (The Buca Bus LP)
Los Padrinos – Pop Matters (Lo Que Vendra LP)
Kurt Baker Combo – Rusty Nail (In Orbit LP)
The Popravinas – She’s Going South (California Sonic LP)
Spygenius – The Friendly Stars That Shine (Pace’phale LP)
The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club – Sweetest Song (Don’t Buy This Record LP)
Biters – Gypsy Rose (The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be LP)

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