Halshack Ep. 14.5 (Nashville Dreams)- bonus show…music only

Written by on 03/28/2019

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Halshack Indie Rockcast
Paradestormer Michael Giancana


A new phase in life is here and a BIG move is in store sometime in the near future as I take my show and bands to music row in Nashville to open up the shack to the world of business. HALSHACK RECORDS baby!! I’m looking at possibly setting up shop in Tennessee so this is a clandestine venture for yours truly. Scary thoughts, new city, so far away from friends and family but big dreams ahead as me and the gang (Halshack gang that is) reign down a music storm on Nashville of the best mix of rock, pop, alt and americana you will find anywhere on the planet of present day artists. As you can imagine I have been very restless of late. Cant sleep, cant eat well, vivid dreams when I do sleep and wide eyed daydreamin’ of beautiful girls and the bright lights of Nashville. Hoping to find that cool place I can call Fletcher Bay (reference to ep 13 song from UK artist Harry Pane). So as I reconcile memories of home and past loves to thoughts about a future in the professional music industry with a chance to change the world through music, I press on with guile and determination to succeed. We all have delusions of grandeur but when we have so many quality songs and artists its hard not to see the grand scheme behind all these big dreams, thoughts, memories, and my electric beautiful life that lies ahead of me on this road of stereo dreams. HIP HIP HOORAY folks!! We almost made it!! Keep dreamin’ BIG bands and fans and hopefully the wheels will be rolling soon and we will be inking some deals in music city!! Thanks for all that you have done to get us this far. We could not have done it without you and your undying love for our family of artists and the indie community!!

Dustin Paul
The Royal Foundry
Paper Jackets
Gabriel Nava Rodrigues
A Lost Element
Vox Eagle
The Civics
Narrow Plains Roger Connick Ernie Ferriday Phil Shaw Robert Maitland
The Family Hunter McDangin
Airport Impressions Errol Sammut II
The Notionaries Christopher Lee
The UK’s Noah Bartelt Jean Wolf
Stealing Eden Maximus Whyman
Dangermaker Adam Burnett


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