Generating Steam Heat #154

Written by on 05/26/2018

Generating Steam Heat
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Nations On Fire-Four More Reasons (From the Strive Records MLP ‘Burn Again’ 1992)
Petrol Girls-Restless (From the Bomber Music Records album ‘Talk Of Violence’ 2017)
Acid Dad-2Ci (Greenway Records Flexi single 2018)
Breakfast Muff-Patient (From the Prawnshell Records cassette EP ‘Crocodile’ 2018)
Armada-Eterno Majuro (From the Pirates Press Records album ‘Bandeira Negra’ 2018)
Boss-I’m the Dog (You’re the Ball)-Digital track 2018 (Self released digital single 2018)
Velodrome-His Physique (Self released digital single 2018)
Rixe-Nuit Rasoir (From the La Vida Es Un Mus Records cassette EP ‘Cassette Promo’ 2018)
Mathematiques Modernes-Disco Rough (Celluloid Records 7’’ 1980)
Monsula-Razors (From the Lookout Records EP ‘Nickel’ 1991)
Cro-Mags-Hard Times (From the Profile Records album ‘The Age Of Quarrel’ 1986)
Krimewatch-New York Nightmare (From the self titled Lockin’ Out Records album 2018)
Sex Beat-Sex Beat (From the London Records album ‘Young Libs and Numb Hyms’ 1983)
The Gun Club-Sex Beat (From the Ruby Records album ‘Fire Of Love’ 1981)
Jenn Champion-O.M.G. (I’m Over It) (Hardly Art Records digital single 2018)
The Fur Coats-Milkdromeda (From the Johann’s Face Records EP ‘Milkdromeda’ 2018)
Iron Chic-My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist) (From the Side One Dummy Records album ‘You Can’t Stay Here’ 2017)

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