From Memphis to Merseyside #15

Written by on 01/26/2023

Thursdays 8pm EST

From Memphis to Merseyside Ep 15 “The Sound of Philadelphia”

Our road trip continues on ‘From Memphis to Merseyside’ as we explore the incredible music that came out of the streets, clubs and dance halls of Philadelphia. The ‘Philadelphia Sound’ has its own unique style, and is instantly recognizable with its sweeping strings and piercing horns. This Philly-style soul music paved the way for disco, and Fred Wesley, trombonist for James Brown (among others) described it as “putting the bow tie on funk.” Another trend that emerged in the City of Brotherly Love is ‘blue-eyed soul’. Perhaps the greatest ambassadors of this music are Daryl Hall and John Oates, the best-selling duo of all time. Philadelphia is also the home to American Bandstand, the show that more than a few generations grew up with. We also take a look at street music, where doo-wop style vocal groups cut their chops. All in all, this is a fantastic playlist, and we’re really glad that you’re tuning in to join us on this edition of ‘From Memphis to Merseyside’.

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