For The Record July 31 2019

Written by on 07/31/2019

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48:47 “Aloysius Scrimshaw”,”26 (Original Mix)”

42:16 “Aloysious Scrimshaw”,”Herbivore Man”

41:56 “Stoned Mazes”,Manners

40:06 “Stoned Mazes”,Momentum

35:28 “The Ruin”,”The Night Land”

30:57 “The Ruin”,”Sinister Country”

23:16 “2p Soldiers”,”Hold Out and Persist”

19:46 “2p Soldiers”,”Hear the Sunshine”

15:28 “Collections Of Dead Souls”,”No Art No Name”

12:07 “Collections Of Dead Souls”,”(I Have Hope)”

02:46 “Brian Eno”,2/1

01:16 “Brian Eno”,”Sky Saw”

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