Emergency Anthems #16

Written by on 03/31/2020

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Emergency Anthems Show 16

Welcome to a new Emergency Anthems show lovelies. It has been a crazy month and we are all on edge – the one thing you can rely on is the music. We hope you and yours are keeping healthy and safe during this unpredictable time. Support each other and keep those tunes coming!

Big love to our friends at Bombshell Radio who keep the embers burning at Emergency Anthems. Find all things #BombshellRadio at www.bombshellradio.com

BIG shout to the very talented Adam Adrian for our cover art.

We will be showcasing Adam’s photos throughout the year and it makes us really happy.

          Track Listing:

  • Mirror by Wonderful Beasts
  • It’s Alright by The Banshees
  • Thunder by KOJ
  • Glitter & Bliss by Worldwide Groove Corporation
  • Cherry Trees by Fever Blush
  • As The Crow Flies by The Knievel Dead
  • Retrograde by Patient Sixty-Seven
  • Where Do You Go When You Dream by WOODS
  • The Machine by Alice’s Night Circus
  • garden by herbal tea
  • Lemon Trees by The Midnight Ghost Train
  • Pocket Full of Pennies by Air Circus
  • This Is A Riot by Radio Riot
  • Gowron Breaths by Solilians
  • Down By The Water by PJ Harvey

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