Color Red Radio #103- 2022

Written by on 01/21/2023



CRED #103


M1)  Mireya Derksen – Brave ( The Fantasy Rhapsody)        2:37


M2) Takada Fu – Between Us     1:48


Short jingle


M3) Nivatak       – Open Your Kimono  3:50


M4) Laurent Lombard         – Little Suspense        1:58


jingle 13


M5) Ken Nishikawa    COVID-19 – 17th wave       2:26


M6) Sholay        – Mehbooba Mehbooba      4:31


M7) Takada Fu  – Udon       1:31



M8) The Lamplighter  – 6 o’Clock Jump        3:41


M9) Tokyo Groove Joshi    – Rise Up   5:30


M10) Paul N Dorosh  – Dark Moves     2:48


Jingle 13L


M11) Yma Sumac – Goomba Boomba








M12) Ken Nishikawa  COVID-19 – 10th Wave       1:57


M13) High Castle Teleorkestra – Ich Bins Magnavox    3:39




M14) Galactic    – Crazyhorse Mongoose     4:47


M15) Ron Levy-Karl Denson -Melvin Sparks        – Organ Colossus       4:52


M16) Nivatak     –  Reptillian Loving     3:39



We heard from:

The Lamplighter         – 6 o’Clock Jump

Tokyo Groove Joshi   – Rise Up

Paul N Dorosh   – Dark Moves

Yma Sumac – Goomba Bomba

Ken Nishikawa  COVID-19 – 10th Wave

High Castle Teleorkestra – Ich Bins Magnavox

Galactic     – Crazyhorse Mongoose

Ron Levy-Karl Denson -Melvin Sparks         – Organ Colossus

Nivatak      –  Reptillian Loving


That’s all the time we have for today.


I’m Mike Rogers and this has been color Red Radio. I’m going to leave you with… Siouxsie and The Banshees         – Kiss Them For Me (Snapper Mix)


         … we’ll see you back here for another episode of Color Red Radio as

until then you have a great week and a great day! Bye!



M17) Siouxsie and The Banshees       – Kiss Them For Me (Snapper Mix)      6:19


















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