It’s our Bombshell Radio Top 10 for January. These are the tracks we’ve played on our Addictions and Other Vices shows that have stood out and made an impression on us. Then myself and a panel of judges select our favourite tracks. A majority of the tracks chosen, I’m proud to say originated from our […]

Moving into 2017 we have invited a few choice Artists and DJs to do some special shows for Bombshell Radio. Also the new home of our Timewarp Series. We rang in the New Year with two amazing Best of 2016 shows from Rodney Cromwell, Happy Robots Records. This weeks guest DJ is Nigel Thomas. We’ve […]

Back at it .. Tonight New Indie finds, a few favourites and tracks from the Addictions Inbox and our Bombshell Radio Track of the Day. Digging ourselves out from the snow this is Addictions and Other Vices 356 – Days Like These!!! I hope you enjoy! Nirvana – Lithuum Darlings – I Love You Too […]

Happy New Year … if you haven’t checked the other shows hosted on Bombshell Radio I highly urge you to tune in. My thanks to the team that feed my Addictions.  I am thankful for the  dedication and the amazing work you put into each and every show. Thanks to all our listeners across the […]

We are very pleased to bring to you a special broadcast from an artist we have huge respect for Rodney Cromwell. We’ve featured a number of songs from Rodney’s own music catalogue on Bombshell Radio. Tonight Rodney hosts his favourites of 2016. I first read these selections on his Facebook and Spotify feeds and contacted […]

I usually avoid these best of shows at the end of the year. However this year after completion of over 350 episodes, 17 Top 10 Countdowns and over 1500 submissions from our Addictions Inbox I’ve had a change of heart. I’m sure plenty artists we’ve featured deserve this mantle, for reasons of sanity I’ve had […]

It’s bombshell radio and it is a theme show. Tonight we’re going to look at songs to do with TV. One of the things that the majority of us share is that we grew up in front of the television. At times this was a substitute for a babysitter and It’s still one of my […]

The HAPPY DAZE mixes consist of an eclectic blend of Indie,Rock,Pop & Alternative dancefloor records throughout the years, with many different artists from over the decades. Have fun :) Includes tracks by Hives, Arctic Monkeys, Undertones, Caesars, The View, Nirvana, Belle & Sebastian, Pulp, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers, Kasabian, Sleeper, Kings […]

Just Begun Vol 2 Rap Attack 1979 Tuesday’s Thursday’s Saturday’s 2:00 PM – 3:00PM EST 11:00PM – 12:00AM EST Mixes from different genres and decades by XTD. bombshellradio.com    

It’s Friday and It’s Showtime! New Indie finds, favourites, Bombshell Radio Track of the Day, The Sweetest Condition Spotlight, and a few surprises. Spread the Love this Addictions and Other Vices 340 – Colour Me Friday. I hope you enjoy! Bombshell Radio and Addictions and Other Vices Podcast Present FIX MIX 340 Lostchild – Everybody […]

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