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So the wind is going crazy outside warnings of snow and all kinds of nasty stuff heading our way, so I think I’m just gonna stay here for the next little while and just warm up by the radio console. Love your Indie that’s the name that we give these programs that expose new artists […]

It’s theme night on Addictions and Other Vices. Tonight we celebrate Elephants. This is a great excuse for me to comb through my collection and try to come up with a coherent show. Not as easy as you might think. However when you’re driven by these music Addictions compilations can make great company. This is […]

It’s showtime! Kicking off this week of shows with all new indie finds, a few favourites and a few surprises. Let’s get down to it. Heads a little Spinney hopefully coffee will kick in soon. This is Addictions and Other Vices 328 – Days Like These!!! I hope you enjoy! Bombshell Radio and Addictions and […]

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