Bombshell Radio Everything and the Kitchen Sink w/ Cactus Vella

Written by on 02/26/2018

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EatKS sits down via skype across the big pond to catch up with the Toronto punk rock troubadour Cactus Vella. Cactus has been around the music scene in Toronto in many bands, collaborated with many artists, is the brainchild to Southern Ontario 2013 (a punk band compilation) and another of artists covering Bruce Springsteen in the folk punk compilation Thunder Road. Not only is he a musician but he is also a graphic designer check out his page at
We talk about multitasking in his work, his real work, his other work, and work in the band. Juggling family, graphic designing, work and band life.
The Track List
1. “Summer Nights” – Cactus Vella
2. “Got Away” – Whiskey Hearts
3. “Short Cut Pt2″ – Brutal Youth
4. ” Can’t Get Off” – School Damage
5. “Going Down”- Cactus Vella
6. “The River”- Bruce Springsteen
7. “On the Run” – Plan 37
8. “Shock Master” – Plan 37

You can follow him on twitter @CactusVella , check out his new band on facebook/Plan37 You can always check as every playlist has hyperlinks to make it easier for you to search out stuff. You can follow me on instagram at @EatKS or on twitter @EatKS, I am a lazy promoter on Facebook because it is algorithm based, but if you are so inclined check out Everything and the Kitchen Sink. Streaming of EatKS shows is courtesy of Bombshell Radio.

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