Addictions and Other Vices 912 – Fix Mix Jan 11 2023

Written by on 01/11/2023

Addictions and Other Vices
Wednesdays *3pm
Repeats Saturday 2 pm EST
Thanks to all the artists, labels and PR companies that submitted tracks.

First Fix Mix show of the year.

Fix Mix 912

Mortals / Dead Colours
Yesterday’s Girl / Gramercy Arms
Hard Times / Nouveau Arcade
Young Hearts / The Publics
Corona / Nice Guy
Useless Love / Patty & The Oh’s
Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back / Bel-la
Undone / Mahri
Save Me / Lindsey
Unimaginable / Belau feat. Sarah Jay Hawley
The Resisdance / Platronic
Shaky Ground / Helen Counts /Trystan Matthews                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Transistorapotheosis/ Famous Forgotten Artists

Addictions and Other Vices


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