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Tonight it’s our Bombshell Radio​ Top 10 Countdown for January. This time I had the assistance of 4 Presenters who also air their show on Bombshell Radio. Alex Green ( The Heart Goes Boom, Stereo Embers) ) Jazzamatazz (Retro Dj mixes of many groovy styles of music (Jazzamatazz) Brandon Charles of Alternate Universe and Matt Dalzell (The British are Coming) Tuesdays on Bombshell Radio and resident guest judge Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees 9 of our reviews our courtesy of Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees who have just released the single World’s a Bitch featuring legendary Canadian vocalist Carole pope of Rough Trade. Their new album Pause drops soon. “Mine is a Top Nine, since I cannot speak about or rate my own track, which I’m delighted has been chosen for this month’s Top Ten”!

Stepping into Bernards shoes to review the Church of Trees single, the honour goes to Alex Green tonight .

These artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. On the show we’ll look at our chosen artists likes and influences and as a way of saying thank-you have those songs dictate some our playlist During this pandemic I’ve been going through my board game collection and had to get rid of few of the undesirables, so we’re going to play a game track along with our Top 10 Artists as our theme tonight. I will be doing a special Top 30 countdown of the top boardgames later in February. That’s a different show.

We hope you enjoy!




  1. Play The Game / Queen
  2. Hell Is A Teenage Girl / Aimee Steven
  3. Everything I Know / chemical club
  4. Cruel Game / Vokes
  5. Summer Love / Madisyn Whajne
  6. Our Lips Are Sealed / The Go GO’s
  7. Video Games / Lana Del Rey
  8. Katy / The Cancellations
  9. Games Without Frontiers / Peter Gabriel
  10. World’s A Bitch – radio edit / Church of Trees ft Carole Pope
  11. The Game / Echo And The Bunnymen
  12. It’s No Game (Part 2) / David Bowie
  13. Sword from the Stone / Passenger
  14. Foolish Games / Jewel
  15. Night Game / Paul Simon
  16. Doctors Orders / Lyerr
  17. Spitting Games / Snow Patrol
  18. In My Mind / The Amazons
  19. The Chase / SWIM
  20. Diane Young / Vampire Weekend
  21. Mind Games / John Lennon
  22. All About You (feat. Foster the People) [Sunset Version] / The Knocks
  23. I Want You Back / The Jackson 5
  24. R U 4 Me? / Middle Kids
  25. Little Games / The Colourist
  26. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around / Shearwater & Sharon Van Etten
  27. Pride / The Family Crest
  28. Games People Play / Alan Parsons Project

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Our Final Top 10 results are in…

BombShell Top Ten for January 2021 By Bernard Frazer
Bernard Frazer is the founding member of Canadian synthpop project, Church of Trees, whose 4th album, Progression was released this Fall. Frazer is also the producer and host of a new podcast called The Essence of Cool, an exploration of innovative music through the eyes of musicians, producers, and prominent music enthusiasts. The podcast will be unveiled in early 2021.
Bombshell Top Ten, January 2021 Comments by Bernard Frazer of Church of Trees who have just released the single World’s a Bitch featuring legendary Canadian vocalist Carole pope of Rough Trade. Their new album Pause drops soon. Mine is a Top Nine, since I cannot speak about or rate my own track, which I’m delighted has been chosen for this month’s Top Ten!

Stepping into Bernards shoes to review the church of trees single the honour goes to Alex Green tonight .

1. The Family Crest – Pride

On my first listen, Pride by The Family Crest took my breath away. On the second, third, and fourth, it happened again and again and again. This is a superb track that mixes sparkling melodies, and bright vocals, which all swirl in a sumptuous cloud of dense orchestral pop. The first single off the forthcoming album The War: Act 2, Pride is a magnificent production and is unlike anything I’ve heard since Scott Walker and Brian Wilson. The soundscape is massive, the impact is indelible. The only thing to do is dive in, close your eyes, and let it sweep you away. An absolutely brilliant song! Bravo!

2. Middle Kids – R U 4 Me?
Australian trio Middle Kids have teamed up with Lars Stalfors, (most known for producing St. Vincent, Cold War Kids, and Purity Ring) to release R U 4 Me, the lead single off their new album Today We’re the Greatest. The song showcases how easily the band can pair unforgettable melodies with raucous indie rock. R U 4 Me is also accompanied by an incredibly moving music video which paints a vivid picture of youth, peer pressure, social isolation, and the joy of finding a place to belong. Of the song and video, lead singer Hannah Joy says “We are always looking around at other people thinking ‘are you on my team?’. I think this just results in us all feeling lonely.” This is a fantastic track. And if you get a chance, do check out video!
3.The Knocks – All About You (feat. Foster the People) [Sunset Version]
A little over two years ago, New York based electro duo The Knocks and Foster the People dominated the charts with their hit “Ride or Die.” Well, they’re back together with a new single “All About You.” Yet again, they’ve dropped a track that bubbles over with feel-good energy and a ton of cool! Laden with hooks and slick production, the song had me riding on carpet of breezy psychedelia. Mark Foster of Foster the People, noted that the song was borne from a casual drop-in, He said, “We were hanging at their studio, playing various things for each other… (and). One of the tunes Ben played me was the rough instrumental for what would eventually turn into ‘All About You.’ It’s a beautiful thing when a casual hang with friends produces a piece of art.” It is, indeed, a beautiful thing
4. SWIM – The Chase
SWIM is a pop-rock band that hails from Stony Brook, New York. Their song The Chase has a fresh indie pop-rock sound that fuses elements of The Strokes, The Lumineers, Neon Trees, and Coldplay. The band had this to say: The song speaks to uncertainty and doubt that one may feel in a relationship, while struggling to make it through. What started as a simple chord progression would be recorded and polished over the course of the year to become the version that (we finally) released. Sweet work! I love it!
5. Lyerr – Doctors Orders
Doctors Orders, the latest single from Manchester’s Lyerr, is a banger that crackles with energy, groove, and piano-laden euphoria. Self-described as their “most dancey yet”, the song is an infectious fusion of crisp, imaginative lyrics, catchy rhythms and hooky, melodic riffs. This band’s star is definitely on the rise!
6.Passenger – Sword from the Stone
English singer-songwriter Passenger has shared a new mix of his gorgeous track, “Sword From the Stone,” co-produced by Ed Sheeran. Passenger, also known as Mike Rosenberg says: “When I wrote it, I knew that I’d stumbled across something special … I wrote it in the first lockdown when I was feeling pretty wonky and weird about the world and, as a result, I feel like it might have captured something that has been universally experienced this year” This song is certainly something special. Bravo!
7. Church of Trees ft. Carole Pope – Worlds A Bitch
Buoyed by a dark new wave bounce, Church Of Trees’ new single “World’s A Bitch” perfectly captures the claustrophobia and isolation of a world under a lockdown. With Carole Pope handling lead vocal duties. “World’s A Bitch” is a searing pandemic anthem that’s brimming with frustration and angst.
8.The Cancellations – Katy
Formed in Nashville Tennessee by Elijah Jones of The Constellations, The Cancellations are a band that, as they say, “writes music that tells stories of heartbreak, substance-abuse, and self-discovery”. Their song Katy is certainly a testament to that, and may very well set the tone to, once again, bring rock music back to the masses. Excellent work!
9.Madisyn Whajne – Summer Love
Toronto’s Madisyn Whajne (pronounced “wayne”) has led a life of turbulence and confusion. Taken from her parents before the age of two as part of the monstrous Sixties Scoop, (where the Canadian government forcibly removed thousands of native children from their birth parents), the indigenous artist was raised never knowing her real name or her heritage. Though she doesn’t explicitly tackle this painful journey in her lyrics, her story can be inferred. The single “Summer Love”, for example, brims with silky vocals and a gloriously uptempo groove, but underneath is a narrative that oozes with pain and longing. As she says, “This record is really a personal journey through a time of darkness, heartache and finding myself again… there (is) a glimmer of hope and the record embodies that.” This is a gorgeous track. I can’t wait to hear more from Madisyn Whajne.
10 Chemical ClubEverything I Know
It was rather difficult to find out anything about Chemical Club, other than they are from Truth or Consequences New Mexico, and are a duo who make music in their bedroom. What I can say is their song Everything I Know is a surprising track that marries an outstanding melody and great lo-fi sound with a taut, intriguing, drama-drenched lyric. Here’s just a snippet: I cut it close to feel alive To feel something human, flinch inside I breathe in deep and tense my thighs This building’s edge is mighty high If that doesn’t put you on the edge of your seat, I don’t know what will! Great track, guys!

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