Addictions and Other Vices 751 – Top 200 of 2020 Countdown Part Two

Written by on 12/28/2020

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Tonight it’s Part Two of our Bombshell Radio​ Top 200 Countdown of 2020. Thanks to the thousands of artists, labels and PR companies and listeners who submitted tracks to us weekly. Special thanks to all the presenters on Bombshell Radio who inspire me daily with fantastic programming. I’m very proud of what we’ve built here. This year we joined Radio Alliance and posted our Top 10 Weekly. And due to the pandemic unfortunately this year we only managed three judging panel shows. Hopefully we’ll go back to monthly in the New Year. The show is mostly comprised of those Top 10 lists and shows. These artists stood out to us and deserve to be recognized. We could have easily surpassed 200 songs for this years best of from the wealth of talent submitted and discovered.

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Addictions 751 Top 200 of 2020 Part Two

170. Motion / Soda Blonde

169 .Laura Jones / Matthew Frederick

168. Long Walk Home / Super Marine

167. Raincoat / Hot Dreams

166. Hotdog Citizen / Lazy Ghost

165. Leather and Sand / Finnian James

164. Isolation / The Grey Disorder

163. Cloud 9 / Sam and Sounds

162. Mary / Dalmas

161. Yr Old Dad / Catholic Action

160. We’re All Gonna Die!!! / Baby FuzZ

159. Post Humorous / Gus Dapperton

158. Let You In / Soft Set

157. The Future Is Not What It Was / The Clockworks

156. Honey / Rook Monroe

155. For You / girlpuppy

154. Garth / Husbands

153. Beginning (Edit) / LA Priest

152. Ultramarine / The Zolas

151. Mork n Mindy / Sleaford Mods, Billy Nomates

150. Undecided Voters / Kiwi Jr.

149. Climb / Blondfire

148. Shampoo Bottles / Peach Pit

147. I Feel Alive / Tops

146. Suck My Mind / Chemtrails

145. Real Estate / Youth Sector

144. The Love You Give / Vistas

143. Shame Shame / Foo Fighters

142. Hold In, Hold On / Kid Bloom

141. Club Zero / The Go-Go’s

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