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Written by on 11/12/2019

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It’s that time a week when we do a theme night, brought back by popular demand. When we first started Addictions and Other Vices even prior to Bombshell Radio, the majority of our shows were theme-based.  Then we started getting all sorts of new music sent to us from artists and that became our focus. A lot of the listeners who like the theme nights wanted us to do more of those so the only solution was for us to add another night a week where we could do these kinds of programs. s

*Tonight’s theme show will feature tracks about pictures, cameras, and photographs. We hope you enjoy!


  1. Picture Picture / Tall Tall Trees
  2. Photograph / Ringo Starr
  3. Picture Book (stereo mix) / Kinks
  4. Kodachrome / Paul Simon
  5. Freeze Frame / J Geils Band
  6. Pictures Of Lily / The Who
  7. The Bigger Picture / Stornoway
  8. bigger picture / the Waterboys
  9. Must I Paint You A Picture / Billy Bragg
  10. Picture This / Blondie
  11. Paint A Vulgar Picture / The Smiths
  12. Pictures Of You / The Cure
  13. Photograph / Def Leppard
  14. Photograph / Weezer
  15. Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) / A Flock Of Seagulls
  16. Selfie Of A Man / Delicate Steve
  17. #SELFIE / The Chainmokers
  18. Selfie Stick – Narcissistic Prick / LEGPUPPY
  19. Pictures On My Wall / Echo And The Bunnymen
  20. These Pictures / Like Elephants
  21. Picture You (Tim Bran Mix) / Kaleida
  22. Photo Upload / The Moving Stills
  23. Take a Picture / Filter
  24. Song of a Camera / Ruins
  25. Pictures / Ewert and the Two Dragons
  26. Photographic Memory / Caspian Pool
  27. Polaroids / Paul Conrad
  28. Pictures of Me / Elliott Smith
  29. Picture / Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow
  30. Camera / R.E.M.
  31. Photographs & Memories / Jim Croce

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